Cannabis Insurance

Admiral Insurance Group offers casualty coverage for cultivators, processors, wholesalers, and dispensaries in states where cannabis has been legalized for medicinal or recreational use. We now also offer Property, Workers Compensation, and EPLI for dispensaries. Recognizing the complex requirements of the ever-changing cannabis industry, we've crafted coverages that specifically meet the needs of cannabis businesses.

CGL Coverage Capabilities

  • Maximum limits of $5M/$5M/$5M
  • Maximum per location general aggregate  limit of $5M
  • Minimum deductible of $2,500
  • Coverage for electronic vapes
  • Budtender Professional Liability
  • Hired non-owned auto coverage available
  • Full CGL only
  • Claims-made

Available Classes & Exposures

  • Retailers/dispensaries with or without on-premises consumption
  • Cultivators/growers
  • Processors/manufacturers
  • Wholesalers/distributors
  • Medicinal
  • Recreational
  • Marijuana paraphernalia and related products

Excluded Classes

  • Temporary events
  • Social clubs
  • Testing labs

Comprehensive Cannabis Program

Admiral brokers now have exclusive access to additional lines of business* – Property, Workers Compensation, and EPLI – providing a comprehensive solution for cannabis dispensaries. One application, one submission, and one family of insurance companies to provide solutions to the cannabis industry.

The Comprehensive Cannabis Program connects you with the expertise of Berkley companies through a single point of contact, ensuring that insureds have a uniform and consistent experience. All lines of business are written by Berkley member insurance companies rated A+ Financial Size XV by A.M. Best.

Learn more about our Comprehensive Cannabis Program.

Learn more about Admiral's Comprehensive Cannabis Program

*Additional coverages are only available when bound with the Admiral CGL policy. Quotes for each line of business are subject to the underwriting guidelines applicable to that line and a CGL quote does not guarantee a quote for other lines.

Cannabis FAQs

View the Cannabis FAQs to learn more about Admiral’s coverage for the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Accounts Recently Written

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Risk Description



THC Infused Non-Alcoholic Beer Manufacturer $2M/2M/2M $30,000
Multi-State Medicinal Marijuana Cultivator, Processor, and Dispensary $5M/5M/5M $450,000
Medical Marijuana Cultivator And Dispensary Operator In Arizona $5M/5M/5M $240,000
Manufacturer Of Chocolate Infused Marijuana Products $5M/5M/5M $130,000
Medical And Recreational Marijuana Cultivator and Dispensary Operator In Illinois $5M/5M/5M $155,000
Rental, Installation and Servicing Contractor Of Marijuana Processing Equipment $1M/2M/2M $36,000
Medical Marijuana Cultivator, Processor And Dispensary Operator In Virginia $3M/3M/3M $11,500
Manufacturer Of Packaging Materials and Containers For Marijuana-Related Products $1M/2M/2M $7,500

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