Cannabis Insurance FAQs

We’ve compiled frequently asked questions about our Cannabis solutions to help you better understand our coverage for cannabis cultivators, wholesalers, processors, and dispensaries.

Q: What limits does Admiral provide for cannabis?
A: We can provide limits up to $5 million, depending on the exposure.

Q: Does Admiral cover vapes?
A: Yes, Admiral does cover vapes, with a few exceptions for six Chinese batteries and cell phone vaping cases.

Q: Will Admiral write the CGL for a landlord that has a grower as a tenant?
A: Yes, we will consider.

Q: How do you handle consumption allowed on premises of a dispensary?
A: We will consider on-site consumption as long as the dispensary is licensed for on-site consumption.

Q: Do you provide supported or unsupported excess coverage for cannabis?
A: No, we do not, but up to $5 million in primary limits are available.

Q: Can Admiral write multi-state?
A: Yes, we do write multi-state exposures, with one policy per state in most cases.

Q: Can Admiral cover delivery of marijuana?
A: Yes, we consider delivery as long as it’s licensed and part of a dispensary. We do not cover independent cannabis delivery services. Admiral does not write commercial auto coverage.

Q: Is a specific supplemental required for submission?
A: Yes, we require a supplemental. We require at least the information included in the Admiral Marijuana Liability Application.

Q: Is there an ingredient limitation endorsement?
A: No, there are no specific ingredient limitations. Any limitations regarding ingredients are addressed during underwriting.

Q: Are testing labs covered?
A: No, testing labs are not considered.

Q: Are you able to handle companies with an international exposure?
A: Yes, depending upon the exposure and how big the international exposure is.

Q: Do you have product recall or product withdrawal solutions?
A: No, we do not offer product recall or withdrawal.

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