Commercial Casualty

Admiral’s Commercial Casualty coverage is designed for the moderate to high risk general liability account, and is available exclusively through our national network of wholesale brokers.

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What's at Risk

General liability includes the threat of property damage, defect, malfunction, and bodily injury. Every business must protect themselves and their assets against these potential claims.

Our Solution

Admiral’s general liability coverage for risks ranging from moderate to high risk, for manufacturers, distributors, contractors, construction and installation.

Commercial Coverage Solutions

Coverage Capabilities

  • Primary CGL Limits Up To $5M Available
  • No Treaty Restrictions
  • SIR, Deductibles, TPA Options Available
  • Occurrence & Claims Made Forms
  • ISO and Admiral Forms & Enhancements
  • Forms Accessible From Quote Letters
  • Excess Follow Form Available Up to $10M
    • Subject to a combined Primary/Excess Limit of $11M

Sample Classes


  • Artisan Trades
  • General Contractors
  • Machinery Installation, Repair, Service
  • Owners Interest
  • Project Specific
  • Roofers


  • Automobile & Truck Parts
  • Dietary Supplements/Nutraceutical
  • Instruments/Tools
  • Machinery/Machinery Parts
  • Medical Equipment/Expendables
  • Sporting Goods


  • Amusement Parks
  • Equipment Rental
  • Inflatable/Bounce House Rentals
  • Lessor’s Risk
  • Restaurants/Bars/Taverns
    • Liquor Liability
  • Special Events
  • Trampoline Parks

Products/Liquor/OL&T Accounts Recently Written

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Risk Description



Traffic Control Contractor $1M/2M/2M with $2M Excess $25,000 + $17,494  for $2M Excess
Ladder Manufacturer $1M/2M/2M $1,083,200
Directional Boring Contractor $1M/2M/2M with $4M Excess $11,500 + $10,964 for $4M Excess
Hotel $1M/2M/2M with $1M Excess $17,500 + $4,600 for $1M Excess
Refrigeration & Air Conditioner Manufacturer $1M/2M/$2M with $5M Excess $170,880 + $119,297 for $5M Excess
Bar and Lessor’s Risk Only Mix $1M/2M/2M $40,000
Chemical Manufacturer $1M/2M/2M $12,600
Electric Lift Device
$1M/2M/2M with $4M Excess $18,700 + $11,924 for $4M Excess

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