Professional Liability

Admiral has been named 5-Star Professional Liability winner for excellence in Professional Liability underwriting by Insurance Business America

5-Star Professional Liability 2023-01

Architects & Engineers

Design professionals need customized coverage that accommodates the risks of their dynamic and demanding industries. Admiral Insurance is proud to offer our AdmiralPro Delta® Design coverage tailored specifically for design professionals.

Contractors Professional Liability

General Contractors, Artisan Contractors, and At-Risk Construction Managers require coverage that is tailored to their specialties while also bridging the gaps of their General Liability coverage.

Tech E&O

People around the world from service providers to product developers rely on technology service professionals. Admiral Insurance is proud to offer our AdmiralPro Delta® TEC coverage tailored specifically for technology service professionals so they can count on us. Our coverage meets all the standard requirements for technology service professionals that are not included in other policies.

Insurance Brokers

Admiral Insurance offers comprehensive coverage to insurance agents and brokers. We know that the insurance industry is exposed to the same risks as all others when it comes to providing a professional service. Our coverage is tailored to the unique needs of insurance agents and brokers.

Miscellaneous Professional Liability

Miscellaneous Professional Liability does not need to be a one size fits all solution. Our AdmiralPro MISAF coverage provides a flexible and comprehensive solution that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of a miscellaneous professional.

AdmiralPro Delta MED Coverages

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Admiral Insurance is proud to offer our comprehensive AdmiralPro Delta® Med coverage to ambulatory surgery centers, regardless of their specialty. Our newly enhanced form provides over 30 distinct built-in enhancements, as well as optional endorsements to meet the coverage needs of each client.

Clinical Trials

Admiral covers Clinical Research Organizations in all phases and for all types of drugs and devices. We have enhanced our policy to include clinical investigators and offer first dollar of defense. We offer a modular policy, and specifically target clinical research, including those under contract with drug and device manufacturers.

Home Health Care

Admiral Insurance offers insurance coverage for home health care professionals. We offer a modular policy so that you can give your home health care clients the flexibility they need to protect themselves from the specific risks and exposures of their industry.

Medical Spas

Admiral Insurance is proud to offer our AdmiralPro Delta® Med coverage to medical spas. Admiral has 30 years of experience providing policies used by medical spas that specialize in anti-aging, health, wellness and aesthetic procedures and we’ve
seen how the industry only continues to grow. Our AdmiralPro Delta® Med policy meets all the coverage requirements for medical spas.

Medical Malpractice

Admiral Insurance offers medical malpractice insurance coverage to physicians, surgeons and dentists. We draw from our 30 years of underwriting and claims experience to provide enhanced protection for these specialized practices.


Admiral’s extensive and unique coverage is tailored specifically for Physicians whether their practice is standard or a more complicated situation.

Healthcare Facilities and Medical Organizations

Admiral’s comprehensive coverage was developed exclusively for the unique needs of Healthcare Facilities and Medical Organizations. Our modular policy form allows us to tailor coverage to your client’s needs. For over 30 years our underwriting and claims experience has responded and adapted to the unique and changing needs of Healthcare Facilities and Medical Organizations.

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