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AdmiralPro Delta® TEC coverage is tailored specifically for the unique needs of Technology Service Professionals.

What's at Risk

Failing to understand the unique services and exposures of Technology Service Professionals can leave your clients with a gap in coverage specifically where coverage is needed.

Our Solution

Admiral’s extensive and unique coverage tailored specifically for Tech Professionals. Our national wholesale broker experts who can assist retail agents and their customers with the exact coverages needed.

Technology Service Professionals Coverage Solutions

Coverage Capabilities

  • Primary Coverage up to $5M
  • Professional Liability Claims Made and Reported
  • GL available on a Claims Made or Occurrence basis

Sample Classes

  • Application Service Provider
  • Computer Consultants
  • Data Processors/Programmers
  • Disaster Recovery Providers
  • Information Services/Sites Providers
  • LAN/Network Managers
  • Software Developers/Publishers
  • System Integrators
  • Web Designers

Product Features


  • Professional Liability Coverage
  • Technology Services Broadly Defined
  • Technology Products Coverage

Network Security and Data Privacy Liability

  • Bodily Injury Exclusion Carve-Back
  • Protected Information Includes Business Information
  • Covers Protected Information In The CCC Of An Outsourced Service Provider

Media & Content Library

  • Broad Definition Of Media Includes Printed Media
  • Contextual Negligence Of Media Content Is Covered

Regulatory Proceedings Coverage

  • Includes Fines And Penalties

Privacy Breach Expenses

  • Includes Extortion – No Sublimit
  • Legal Expenses & Forensics Covered
  • Call Center Expenses

Business Interruption and Electronic Data Restoration Expenses

  • Trigger Is Loss Of Electronic Data Or Privacy Breach Event
  • 12 HR To 90 Days Indemnity Period
  • Extra Expenses Covered

Insured Definition Broadened

  • Includes Blanket Independent Contractors
  • Spousal and Domestic Partners Extension
  • Subsidiaries And Newly Acquired Entities Covered

Miscellaneous Features

  • Consent To Settle With Soft Hammer
  • Contractual Liability Coverage Including Liability Assumed Under Contract
  • Blanket Waiver Of Subrogation
  • Punitive Damages Coverage Where Insurable
  • Carveback to I v. I For Employees As Respects To Network Security & Data Privacy Wrongful Acts

Flexible Options

  • Separate Towers For 1st And 3rd Party Limits
  • Full Limits Available For 1st Party Coverages
  • Policy Aggregate Limit Applies
  • Separate Deductibles For 1st And 3rd Party Coverages (They Don’t Have To Match)

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