AdmiralPro Delta® Tech E&O

AdmiralPro Delta® TEC coverage is tailored specifically for the unique needs of Technology Service Professionals.

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Product Features

  • Professional Liability Coverage
  • Technology Services Broadly Defined
  • Technology Products Coverage
  • Bodily Injury Exclusion Carve-Back
  • Protected Information Includes Business Information
  • Covers Protected Information In The CCC Of An Outsourced Service Provider
  • Broad Definition Of Media Includes Printed Media
  • Contextual Negligence Of Media Content Is Covered
  • Includes Fines And Penalties
  • Includes Extortion – No Sublimit
  • Legal Expenses & Forensics Covered
  • Call Center Expenses
  • Trigger Is Loss Of Electronic Data Or Privacy Breach Event
  • 12 HR To 90 Days Indemnity Period
  • Extra Expenses Covered
  • Includes Blanket Independent Contractors
  • Spousal and Domestic Partners Extension
  • Subsidiaries And Newly Acquired Entities Covered
  • Consent To Settle With Soft Hammer
  • Contractual Liability Coverage Including Liability Assumed Under Contract
  • Blanket Waiver Of Subrogation
  • Punitive Damages Coverage Where Insurable
  • Carveback to I V. I For Employees As Respects To Network Security & Data Privacy Wrongful Acts
  • Separate Towers For 1st And 3rd Party Limits
  • Full Limits Available For 1st Party Coverages
  • Policy Aggregate Limit Applies
  • Separate Deductibles For 1st And 3rd Party Coverages (They Don’t Have To Match)

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