A&E Webinar: Targeting Larger A&E Firms

Admiral Insurance Group sponsored a free, 35-minute on-demand webinar delivered by SmartRisk, an industry-leading risk management consultancy for the design and construction industry.

About the Webinar

Tim Corbett, Founder and President of SmartRisk, discusses the important factors that go into obtaining and targeting larger A/E firms. This session identifies recent industry and claim trends, A/E business concerns, larger A/E differences, and other helpful A/E information for brokers. A recent AIA Report displays that the Architecture Billings Index (ABI) for May is one of the highest ever reported. What does this mean for the industry? We also take a look at the Claim trends, what are some of the root causes of claims that we are seeing and how can we try to mitigate these risks? How did Covid-19 impact the industry? Find out the answers to these questions and more by watching the recorded webinar.

Who should watch the recording?

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