OmniSure Risk Management Services

As an Admiral Insurance Group client, you’ll enjoy complimentary ProPLUS level membership to OmniSure’s RiskFit® program!

Managing risk is a lot like “getting into shape” and OmniSure has the one of a kind professional Risk Fitness program to help you do just that. Care providers know how important physical fitness is to your general health and well-being. But have you thought about your well-being in terms of professional fitness?

For more than 15 years OmniSure has helped many well- known hospitals, health professionals and medical facilities improve performance, avoid lawsuits, reduce insurance premiums, and improve their risk profiles – both clinically and professionally. And now, Admiral Insurance Group is offering some of this same great support to their clients!

RiskFit® ProPLUS

The RiskFit® program provides the client with the following access:

  • Risk Reduction Tips
  • Risk Reduction Exercises
  • RiskFit® Activity Tracker
  • Risk Fitness® Certificate
  • Advice-on-Demand Risk & Regulatory Helpline

Visit for more information on RiskFit® and to explore this amazing healthcare learning community.

Call the OmniSure Helpline at 800.942.4140 for Advice-on-Demand!

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