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"People first, things second."

As part of the tribute to Jim’s legacy, we’ve established an annual award in his name to honor and foster the culture he created at Admiral.

The award will be presented to the employee whose performance over the year has had an outstanding influence on the business and who has enhanced the culture of integrity and respect at Admiral.

James S. Carey

President & CEO
 1997 – 2015

Previous Award Winners


Ted Howley


Ben Weiner


Ben Woodward


Angela Rando

The criteria for the award winner is listed below and can be categorized into three main areas.

Passion & Dedication

Jim had an undeniable drive to make Admiral better every day and lead us to sustained success as one of the best carriers in the E&S market. One of the cornerstones of this success was a dedication to our customers. All functions of the company have customers. I.T. has internal customers by supporting the entire infrastructure of Admiral, while the claims department has an external customer and the only direct contact with the end user of our product.

Nominees should have a passion for making a big difference for their customers and in turn, a major impact on our business. Examples could be an underwriter who drove a critical broker turnaround that created a significant new business partner, or an I.T. analyst who played a key role in identifying a more efficient way to complete a big upgrade for the business which saved valuable resources.

Loyalty & Respect

Jim often said that he reported to everyone at Admiral. This mentality created a culture of respect that has lasted year after year as proven by long tenures of the Admiral employees.

Nominees should embody this spirit by elevating their colleagues and helping to create opportunities for the entire team to shine. An example of this characteristic might be a finance manager who empowered her team and others in the department in the face of seemingly impossible deadlines, to accomplish a project more quickly by allowing team members to grow and take on new tasks that they were not necessarily comfortable with in the past.

Honor & Character

One of Jim’s corollaries states people first, things second. This sentiment has become ingrained in the family culture at Admiral and has helped the company persevere through market instability as well as difficult personal situations.

An example of someone who exudes this character might be a claim representative who steps up when his manager has to take a leave of absence to deal with a personal matter. This individual has a significant caseload but takes on the additional responsibility of bringing a calming influence to the team and makes sure that the unit doesn’t miss a step.


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