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Commercial Excess Liability: Is it really necessary for commercial clients?

Dan SmyrlSenior Vice President, Underwriting, Casualty

When it comes to recommending the proper insurance for your commercial clients, there are a lot of different coverage types to consider. One of the most important—but sometimes overlooked—coverage options is commercial excess liability.

Do my clients really need commercial excess liability coverage?

In most cases, your commercial clients will obtain general liability insurance to protect their businesses. But, what happens when an incident occurs and your client is suddenly liable for more damages than their general liability limits will cover?

That’s where commercial excess liability kicks in. Instead of requiring the business to cover the remaining costs after the general liability limit has been paid out (which could be financially devastating for the company), commercial excess liability coverage will pay out to cover the gap.

As insurance professionals, you understand how this works. But, it’s important to remember that most commercial clients will not. The following are a few examples of businesses that face unique risks making them perfect candidates for commercial excess liability coverage.


Amusements—like trampoline parks—face very unique risks. The high public exposure and nature of the business mean that these types of risks will always be present.

Commercial excess liability coverage from Admiral will allow your amusement clients to operate their businesses on a daily basis with peace of mind. After all, the amusements industry should be fun!


Manufacturers focus on producing great products. When a fantastic product is created, it’s important to get it into stores and retail spaces in order to sell. However, this can lead to potentially costly risks for the manufacturer.

With commercial excess liability coverage from Admiral, your manufacturing clients can rest assured that they’ll have the proper high levels of insurance necessary to make it into large retail stores. And, they’ll feel comfortable knowing that their innovative products are protected.


When your contractor clients are looking to take on new clients of their own, they are often faced with inquiries regarding their insurance limits. For contractors, having impressive insurance coverage can be the difference between landing a new contract and losing potential business.

One way that contractors can improve the chances of growing their business is to obtain a commercial excess liability policy in addition to their commercial general liability policy.

More about commercial excess liability coverage

At Admiral, we have developed a commercial excess liability coverage option that can help protect clients like the amusements, manufacturers and contractors mentioned above.

Admiral’s primary general liability underwriters are able to offer excess limits when quoting the underlying general liability, which provides you with a quick one-stop-shop for your commercial clients.

You can learn more about our commercial excess liability coverage by visiting our webpage. Simply click the button below!

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