A&E Webinar for Brokers & Agents: Zoom Conferencing – Benefits & Risks

On Thursday, November 19th, at 1pm EST, Admiral Insurance Group sponsored a free, 45-minute webinar delivered by SmartRisk, an industry-leading risk management consultancy for the design and construction industry.

About The Program

The pandemic has forced businesses to incorporate new ways of working from remote locations to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Firms are conducting Zoom meetings with employees, clients and project team members with the benefits of having meetings without being in the same location. Recording such meetings allows the ability to capture information regarding discussions, decisions made, actions to be taken and by whom, that can be referenced at a later date. Risks include what is said during those meetings, recording meetings, laws related to recording conversations, and liability of possible intrusion. This session will discuss the benefits and the risks of Zoom Conferencing, and suggested risk management practices to mitigate exposures.


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