COVID-19 Information for Admiral Customers

To Our Insurance Customers and Brokers:

In these unprecedented and difficult times, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted businesses, employees, customers and communities.  We sincerely appreciate your choosing Admiral Insurance Group on behalf of Admiral Insurance Company for your business insurance needs and we want to remain connected with you to assist with any issues or concerns you have regarding your business insurance coverage.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 situation Admiral Insurance Group has implemented its business continuity plans which are designed to address situations like this.  As a result, Admiral Insurance Group remains fully operational and ready to serve our customers, while most of our employees are now working remotely for their own safety and protection.  This transition has been relatively seamless and we continue to deliver the highest service and support for our customers.

In addition, the following provides additional details on how to contact us to discuss any issues regarding insurance you have purchased from us.  If you have any concerns regarding your ability to make a scheduled premium payment for your current policy, please contact us directly at the number or website listed below:


We will be happy to discuss your individual situation and we will endeavor to make reasonable accommodations when required by a specific state insurance department, or if not required, when possible to avoid the cancellation or non-renewal of your current insurance policy.

We hope these options will provide the flexibility needed to enable you to get through this difficult and challenging period.  We value your business and we welcome the opportunity to serve you now and in the future. ​


Important Information for New Jersey Policyholders

Pursuant to Bulletin 20-15 issued by the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance, New Jersey policyholders who may be experiencing a financial hardship due to COVID-19 may request a 90-day grace period for the payment of insurance premiums.  Such affected policyholders may elect to have the 90-day grace period take effect retroactively as of April 1, 2020 or elect to have the grace period take effect beginning on May 1, 2020.  During the grace period, insurers may not cancel affected policies for nonpayment of premium.  Also, during the grace period, insurers are required to waive any late payment fees and must allow premiums of affected policyholders due but not paid during the grace period to pay such premium payments over an extended period of time during the policy period or in 12 equal installments over a 12 month period.  Late payments during the 90-day grace period will not be considered in any future premium calculations.  If you are experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19 and wish to request a 90-day grace period as outlined above, please contact Jennifer Waldron at 856-429-9200 or complete the form below.

If your policy is financed by a Premium Finance Company (PFC), the PFC is also required to extend grace periods for payment.  You should contact your PFC if you are experiencing a financial hardship due to COVID-19 to obtain a grace period for your financed premium payments.

NJ Policyholders Request a 90-day Grace Period

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