Employee Testimonial: Wendy Copeland

Wendy Copeland

Started: 1997
Position: Branch operations manager
Most important job skill: Decision-making
Career path: Adventurous

There’s an openness about the people who work at Admiral. Everyone is extremely supportive.

It was Admiral’s casual work environment and benefits that initially attracted Branch Operations Manager, Wendy Copeland, to the company, but the authenticity of its people was what caused her to plant deep roots at Admiral over the past 20 years. “There’s an openness about the people who work at Admiral,” says Wendy. “Everyone is extremely supportive.”

This was evident from the start when she signed on as an Administrative Assistant. Over the years, a series of promotions brought new opportunities to learn about different parts of the company’s operation and to grow and take on new responsibilities.  “My career has moved through a huge transition over the time I’ve been with Admiral,” says Wendy who is on the frontlines of support.

On any given day, her work might, and often does, bring her in contact with Underwriting, IT, Human Resources, Facilities or building management. Whether it’s training staff on a new system, finding alternative resources to fill in for an employee on disability, devising new ways to streamline workflows or just calling facilities to replace an overhead light, “my job is to keep the process moving forward and to give underwriting the support they need,” explains Wendy.

Balancing these changing priorities takes ‘some juggling’ and the ability to anticipate situations. “When a VP comes to me with an idea for a broker event or an office needs to be moved, I have to consider all the possibilities, decide on the best one and try to foresee bottlenecks,” adds Wendy. “It can be challenging at times but keeps the days interesting.”

But help is never too far away. “Teamwork is big at Admiral,” continues Wendy. “No job is beneath anyone. Everyone is willing to pitch in. It’s one of the many reasons I’m here.”

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