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Ryan Shroyer

Position: VP, Casualty Underwriting
Most important skill need: Analytical skills
Career path: Positive

It’s such a great feeling when you can give a broker a solution, and they have an option to present to the client.

Thinking outside of the box pretty much defines underwriter Ryan Shroyer’s main responsibility. As an excess and surplus carrier, Admiral has a market that can be described as anything but standard. From fun houses and water parks to restaurants and bars, the ‘typical’ Admiral considers has usually gotten the thumbs down from at least three other carriers.

“At Admiral, we look at how we can insure these types of risk. We pick apart the exposures and try to get the full story,” says Ryan, who admits he sometimes feels like a private detective in trying to turn up information. “We then try to find ways to insure the risk. You have to be smart about it.”

The very fact that Admiral is an insurer of last resort has its own satisfaction for Ryan, especially when he gets that 11th hour call from a broker who is desperate to find coverage for his client. “It’s such a great feeling when you can give a broker a solution, and they have an option to present to the client,” says Ryan. “Nine out of 10 times, the broker will give Admiral the business.”

Initially resistant to a career in insurance, Ryan still remembers enjoying the risk management sections of his major, international business. Then an internship at Admiral turned the tide. “I was a little freaked out by how much I liked insurance, especially when you hear of so many people who never find satisfaction in work,” continues Ryan.

Part of Admiral’s appeal is its open and supportive atmosphere, which encourages questions and original approaches to problem solving. Everyone is approachable and supportive, according to Ryan who has come to think of sharing a lunch with a senior manager as routine as with another co-worker. “Many of my friends who work at other companies say they feel like they have to walk on egg shells around their management,” adds Ryan.

The privilege of working at Admiral however really hit home when Ryan attended an industry conference. As he networked among brokers and underwriters at other carriers, he was struck by how often he heard Admiral referred with respect. “There was almost a level of envy among some of attendees,” says Ryan. “I’m really lucky to have found such a great company to work for right out of college.”

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