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Leo Laskowski

Started:  2007
Position: Director, Information Technology
Most important skill need: Analytical skills
Career path: Positive

I realized Admiral had many of the things that would allow me to grow professionally and personally.

Finding the right words to communicate can be tricky business for anyone, but when it comes to getting your message through to end business users, communication takes on a whole new challenge. Communicate too much or too little detail, and the users can walk away with the wrong impression, according to Leo Laskowski, application architect, who enjoys working directly with people in throughout the company.

“When you communicate directly with the underwriter, claims manager or other business user, you have the opportunity to find out exactly what they need and deliver on it,” explains Leo who, at a previous employer, had to interface with multiple intermediaries before reaching the actual business user. “The message often got watered down or filtered,” remembers Leo.

Having this person-to-person contact also means Leo sees the direct impact of his work. “There’s probably nothing more gratifying than to hear that some system modification saved an underwriter or claims rep time, helped them complete their work sooner,” says Leo, who also jokes the reverse can sometimes happen.

For Leo, Admiral has a big company feel but a small company touch. Originally, a member of a 17-person IT department, Leo had been hired as a manager of application development, but as the department grew and some IT functions were split out, Leo was given the option to focus on application architecture, the part of his work he enjoys the most.

A large part of Leo’s work involved evaluating the compatibility of system changes with Admiral’s existing IT framework but also determining whether it is fits with that of W.R. Berkley, Admiral’s parent. “As an applications architect, I work with not only Admiral’s business units here in N.J, but also users in other parts of the country as well as other developers, infrastructure engineers and people in our parent company.”

Leo freely admits that Admiral’s initial draw was its proximity to his home. But “during my interview, I realized Admiral had many of the things that would allow me to grow professionally and personally.”

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