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Jennifer Hoopes

Started: 2014
Position: Executive Team Associate
Most important job skill: Problem solving
Career path: Rewarding

Admiral looks at each person’s potential. I have an amazing opportunity here.

When you get down to it, there really isn’t anything general about human resources generalist Jennifer Hoopes’ responsibilities. From benefits to new hire orientation to training and development, it takes an eye for detail and a resourcefulness to find information and answers to resolves the issues that arise.

Today, so much of human resources is computer-driven that just about everything is online. And as this has happened, it’s required Jennifer to rely on her own resources to find the information she needs for her work. “In many ways, I’ve become the go-to person when employees have a question about their benefits or compensation.”

“Anything that impacts employees really excites me, especially when it involves sharing information that will help others,” continues Jennifer. This was the case in helping to prepare for presentations that were to introduce a new plan design, which Admiral intended to offer employees as part of its open enrollment. “Sharing what I learned and seeing employees realize the benefit of change was really satisfying,” adds Jennifer.

“Admiral invests a lot in its employees’ education and careers,” says Jennifer who started as an administrative assistant and moved into human resources one year and a half ago – a move that she says was supported not only by her manager but all levels of management. “I’ve seen this type of support again and again. Admiral looks at each person’s potential. I have an amazing opportunity here.”

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